Programs & Services

Finance & Administration

The Finance Administrator is in charge of finances, accounting and investment activities of Mitaanjigamiing First Nation. Our friendly administration staff meet and greet visitors on a daily basis and help out with general adminstrative duties such as answer calls, transfer, memos, emails, mailing etc.

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Plenty of education opportunities are offered through our education program. Affiliate organizations help to keep the program diverse and running smoothly.

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Economic Development

The Community Economic Development Officer is responsible for facilitating, promoting and ensuring community and economic development in order to secure opportunities for economic and business development and increase employment.

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Social Services

Offering short-term financial assistance to eligible residents of Mitaanjigamiing First Nation.  Social Services provides vocational guidance and a variety of programs and services including Employment supporrt, Community participation and employment placements.

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Ganawendaasowin Family Services

The GanaWendaasowin Family Services offers a wide continuum of services to support the First Nation, these include: Family Counselling, intake and assessment, cultural programming, treatment foster care, children's mental health, tele-psychiatry, and residential treatment facilities.

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Health Services

Health Canada works with Mitaanjigamiing First Nation, other federal departments and provincial and territorial partners to support healthy First Nations individuals, families and communities. Working with partners we strive to improve health outcomes, provide access to quality health services and support the great control of the health system by First Nation. On this shared path to improve health promotion we offer:

  • Community-based health promotion and disease prevention programs
  • Primary, home and community care services-Medical Van
  • Programs to control communicable diseases and address environmental health issues
  • Non-insured health benefits to supplement those provided by provinces, territories and private insurer

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Maintenance & Operations

Water Treatment Plant-The Water Treatment Plant worker manage a system of machines, often through control boards, to transfer or treat water. Operations and Maintenance provides maintenance, repair, and overhaul involves fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical devices should it become out of order or broken.  It also includes performing routine actions which keep the device in working order or prevent trouble from arising.

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Mitaanjigaming First Nation employs an Activator to facilitate the delivery of programs to enhance the capacity of the community to meet its recreation needs in partnership with other community based organizations that provide health and social programs, services and facilities.

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Consultation Coordinator

The Consultation Coordinator is responsible for the development, review, coordination, and implementation of Manito Aki Inaajimowin Consultation process and involving the Mitaanjigamiing First Nation, government, industry, communities and other stakeholders that involve lands and resources.
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Health Babies Healthy Children

The purpose of Ontario's Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program - to help children get a healthy start in life. The program does this by helping infants and children up to age six and their families through:

  • screening and assessments to see if there are any risks that could affect a child's healthy development and referrals to community programs and services
  • supports for new parents
  • help in finding community programs and resources on all kinds of subjects such as: breastfeeding, nutrition and health services, parenting programs and family literacy programs

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Aboriginal Healing and Wellness

The ministry promotes healthy Aboriginal communities through the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy.

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Capital Projects Director

The Capital Projects Director was established for the purpose/s of coordinating assigned construction project and related activities; providing information to others; and implementing and maintaining services within established guidelines and standards.

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First Nation Manager

The First Nation Manager  is responsible for the management, administration and delivery of all First Nation programs and services in order to ensure that the needs of the First Nation are met in a reasonable, effective and efficient manner. Reporting to the Chief and Council, the First Nation Manager will oversee all operations of the First Nation including Finance & Administration, Capital/Housing, Health, Education, Economic Development and Lands & Resources. They are responsible to ensure that all operations are conducted in a respectful and responsible manner and that all decisions and actions meet the relevant legislation, policies and procedures. The First Nation Manager also acts as liaison between other government agencies and departments, private industry business and any other individuals, groups or agencies operating in the community.

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Lands Manager

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